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photoLibrary staff across New York can become the best ambassadors for NOVELNY.

With strategic marketing and communications, librarians will increase usage, visibility and support for NOVELNY.

Our downloadable marketing toolkit contains materials that inform, excite, and empower the public to get the most from their library's online resources. Additionally, they promote the value of public library cards and the professional skills of librarians.

Toolkit materials are available which were specifically designed for public, school, and academic libraries.

For assistance with the NOVELNY databases, including database vendor
contact information, consult the NOVELNY
Help Desk page.

Libraries in New York State that are members of a New York State library system may participate directly in NOVELNY Databases to the extent permitted by negotiations and contractual limitations.

Library patrons may access the databases through a library website or the NOVELNY portal while in New York via geoIP authentication (also referred to as geolocation) without entering a username/password, library card number or a driver license number.

Library patrons who are accessing the databases out of state will be given the option to log in using their public library card or New York driver license / New York Non-Driver ID.


Revised August 18, 2016