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NOVELNY gives communities across New York State online access to the full text
of hundreds of journals, newspapers, and other references. More about the NOVELNY program

New York State residents can find answers to any imaginable question by using their library.  NOVELNY is only one of many ways libraries organize the books, articles, and other information sources they hold.  NOVELNY makes all this information available to you – wherever you are.

New Yorkers accessing the databases through a library website or the NOVELNY portal while in New York will be able to enter the databases via geoIP authentication (also referred to as geolocation) without entering a username/password, library card number or a driver license number.

New Yorkers who are accessing the databases out of state will be given the option to log in using their public library card or New York driver license / New York Non-Driver ID. Students may access the NOVELNY databases through their school or academic library.  Remote access is also available to holders of a New York State Resident Borrower’s Card or a New York State Library Borrower’s Card.

Imagine…you don’t have to rearrange your schedule, get a babysitter, find a parking space, fight the weather, leave work early…to get the information you want.  All you have to do is visit this website, log in, and begin your search for the information you seek. 

NOVELNY is different – and better! – than other online resources because content is peer-reviewed, vetted by the experts, organized, objective, and accurate.  No irritating popups.  No unsolicited advertising.  No wasted time. Just you…getting right to the source…fast!

Resources are available if you need assistance in using NOVELNY. You may want to read the FAQ page, or contact the Help Desk (available only on weekdays during business hours).


Revised May 1, 2014